Rogue Earth : Hurricanes

First-person accounts tell the story of Hurricane Matthew, the Category 5 Atlantic hurricane which caused catastrophic damage in the Caribbean, and widespread damage in the southeastern United States, killing at least 10 people in Florida, completely submerging coastal areas and cities like Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, and leaving over 1 million residents without power. As Weather Channel Senior Hurricane Specialist, Bryan Norcross, delivers an impassioned plea for people to take the hurricane seriously, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buzz with images and videos of the growing devastation, and President Obama declares a federal state of emergency. With over 2 million Americans under mandatory evacuation orders, Mathew blows into Georgia and the Carolinas, where widespread flooding leaves thousands more homeless and another half a million without electricity. Before the storm retreats back into the Atlantic, thousands are rescued, some in dramatic helicopter operations, while 3,000 more are forced to take refuge in public shelters. With nearly 600 deaths directly linked to the hurricane, 44 of which were in the U.S., the storm underscores the impact of climate change, and the uncertainly associated with the promise of more events like Matthew, in the future.

Number of episodes : 1
Length of episodes : 46 minutes
Broadcaster : Discovery Canada
2019 - 2019


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers, Charles Lafortune, Nicola Merola
Content producer Emmanuelle Wiecha
Production manager Marie-╚ve Gariepy
Director Riel Lazarus
Narration written by Joe Wiecha