Les Croque-morts

The documentary series Les Croque-morts presents the portrait of a Quebec family who has been running a funeral home in their community for 4 generations. Through the daily life of the couple Louis-Simon Lamontagne and Maryse Proulx, lies a misunderstood profession and an industry who has to adapt to the new realities of the market.

Number of episodes : 10
Length of episodes : 30 minutes
Broadcast : MOI & cie

2018 - 2019


Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers, Charles Lafortune, Nicola Merola, Isabelle Ouimet
Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Simon Sachel
Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Simon Sachel


Executives Producers Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune, Sylvie Desrochers, Jacquelin Bouchard
Series Producer Isabelle Ouimet
Director and writer Simon Sachel
Production Manager Myriam Harvey
With the contribution of Louis-Simon Lamontagne, Maryse Proulx, Louis Lamontagne, Francine Thériault