Ici ados Canada

This documentary was created using a survey conducted with 300 young Francophones across Canada, aged 13 to 20. They were questioned about their values and behavior, their physical and mental health: love, sexuality, alcohol and drug use, depression and suicide, family and spousal violence, and communication. Based on these interviews, a group of young actors have created a poignant, touching show about real life.

Number of episodes: 3
Length of episodes: 90 minutes
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
1993 - 1996


Gémeaux 1996 Best youth program or series, 13-17 years: all categories - Michel Tousignant
Gémeaux 1996 Best director: youth program or series: all categories - Louis Choquette
L'alliance pour l'enfant et la télévision 1996 Award of excellence - Ici Ados Canada
L'alliance pour l'enfant et la télévision 1995 Award of excellence - Ici Ados Canada
Festival international de la vidéo santé 1995 Grand Jury Prize - Ici Ados Canada
Prix de la famille 1995 Gaston-Gauthier Prize - Ici Ados Canada
Gémeaux 1993 Best youth program or series: varieties/information - Michel Tanguay, Jacquelin Bouchard
Gémeaux 1993 Best research: youth program or series - Sylvie Rémillard, Rose-Aline Leblanc, Francine Ducharme


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers, Carole Dufour, Daniel Beauchesne
Producer Michel Tousignant
Casting Chantal Francke, Claude Meunier, Serge Thériault