En pleine tempête

“En pleine tempête” plunges behind the scenes of the snow removal business. Every episode snowplow operators fight a race against time. With pressure from customers, long hours in the belly of the storm, tired and on-edge colleagues, mechanical breakdowns, operation costs, the unpredictability of harsh weather, and the constant struggle against fatigue, it’s an explosive mix! The series unveils inevitable frictions between co-workers, along with the wisdom acquired from being your own boss... and all its ups and downs. For these workers who face fierce weather to get the job done, winter is exhausting, and profitable.

Number of episodes : 8
Length of episodes : 22 minutes
Nombres de saisons : 3
Broadcaster : Canal D
2016 - 2020


Executive Producers Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers, Charles Lafortune, Nicola Merola
Producer Izabel Chevrier
Line Producer Caroline Langlois
Director Marianne McGraw
Writer Mathieu Baer

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