Code Max

Every episode of “Code Max” features four kids (aka mission agents) who become heroes and save the world from the crazy catastrophes that Max, an artificial and delirious intelligence, has invented. His goal: get kids moving! His method: create disasters, each more extravagant and eccentric than the last. In pairs, the kids will need to use their wits and physical strength to survive four challenges Max sends their way. With each challenge they collect clues that lead them to the final goal: decrypting Max’s code and stopping the disaster, once and for all!

Number of episodes : 52
Length of episodes : 30 minutes
Broadcaster: ICI Radio-Canada Télé
With the financial contribution of the Canada Media Fund and the Bell Fund.
Visual and Scenic Design: 4U2C Inc
2015 - 2016


Executive Producers Jacquelin Bouchard¤Sylvie Desrochers¤Charles Lafortune¤Nicola Merola
Producer - Youth Program Thérèse Pinho
Line Producer Stéfanie Guay
Content Producer Marie-Ève Pelletier
Presenter Daniel Coutu
Max Lucien Bergeron

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