Le canal masqué

Marc-Antoine Audette and Sébastien Trudel, from the popular duo Les Justiciers Masqués, transform themselves into television news anchors. Richard Z. Sirois is the news director of this fictional news show that ferociously parodies 24-hour news channels and furiously condemns the lies, stupidity and contradictions of the world’s most important powerful people. Together they don’t present the news, they misrepresent it!

Number of episodes : 26
Length of episodes : 30 minutes
Broadcaster : Télé-Québec
2010 - 2011


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard¤Sylvie Desrochers¤Carole Dufour¤Philippe Lapointe
Producer Simon Gravel
Line producer Maryse Métivier
Anchors Marc-Antoine Audette¤Sébastien Trudel
Chief information officer Richard Z. Sirois

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