Pas plus bêtes que nous 2 - Volet numérique

Host Jérémie Larouche challenges the guests on his show to goofy dares: he reenacts a Lafontaine tale with Katherine Levac, he inaugurates a mysterious animal box with Émile Bilodeau, plays an animal word game with veterinary Claudia Gilbert, cooks dog biscuits with his daughter Daphné and more! As he meets diverse animals on set, he takes the opportunity to do interviews and ends up getting answers he never expected... Finally, we meet Jérémie's puppets through 3 celebratory videos: Stranger Cats, Holiday Planet and Happy Birthday to You!

Number of episodes : 15
Length of episodes : 3 minutes
Broadcaster : Unis Tv
2019 - 2020


Executive producers Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune, Sylvie Desrochers, Jacquelin Bouchard
Producer Marie-Ève Pelletier
Digital media project manager Véronique Paquette-Corriveau
Director & Editor Rémi Fréchette
Host Jérémie Larouche

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