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Kaboum, la mission de Geyser

This observation game features Kaboum characters. The player must seize, as fast as he can, the character he’s looking for. Unfortunately, the illustrations are constantly moving! Therefore, the player has to move fast, identify the image of the character and spot it among the profusion of others that are moving and touch it before it disappears. Of course, the faster he acts, the less errors he makes, the greater his reward!

Kids game for iPod, iPhone and iPad

With the financial contribution of the CMF

Support : nmsupport@pixcom.com


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Alliance Médias Jeunesse 2012 Excellence Award for the best convergent project - Kaboum / Application
  • Executive Producers
    Jacquelin BouchardSylvie DesrochersCarole Dufour
  • Web ProducerNadine Dufour
  • Web Project ManagerStéphanie Gagnon
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