Le code Chastenay

What’s happening in labs today, that might change our lives tomorrow? That’s the question "Le code Chastenay" seeks to answer. The series, featuring research done in Quebec, puts researchers in the spotlight and brings science close to home. Hosted by Pierre Chastenay, an astronomer with a knack for simple explanations of complex issues. "Le code Chastenay" makes science accessible to all.

Number of episodes : 205
Length of episodes : 30 minutes
Broadcasters : Télé-Québec, TV5 Monde, Canal Savoir
2008 - 2016

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Pierre Chastenay, Marie-Pier Élie,  Binh An Vu Van, Véronique Morin
Pascal Forget
Pierre Chastenay, Véronique Morin
Pascal Forget,Binh An Vu Van
Binh An Vu Van, Pierre Chastenay
Binh An Vu Van, Pierre Chastenay, Marie-Pier Élie, Martin Primeau
Marie-Pier Élie
Pascal Forget, Véronique Morin, Binh An Vu Van


Prix Gémeaux 2016 Best social interest magazine - Jacquelin Bouchard, Izabel Chevrier, Sylvie Desrochers, Charles Lafortune, Sylvie-Anne Martel, Nicola Merola


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers, Carole Dufour (2008-2014), Philippe Lapointe (2008-2011), Charles Lafortune, Nicola Merola (2014-2015)
Producer Izabel Chevrier (2014-2015)
Producers Nicole Faucher (2008-2014)
Host Pierre Chastenay
Journalists/Reporters Marie-Pier Élie, Pascal Forget, Martin Primeau, Véronique Morin, Binh An Vu Van
Line Producer Sylvie-Anne Martel

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