L'indice McSween

Accountant and journalist Pierre-Yves McSween hosts this series about economics and finance. The show takes a detached and critical approach, focusing on the economy and highlighting personal finances. Funny, relevant and original, every core financial concept is brought to life in a way that’s fun and fresh for the viewer.

Number of episodes : 24
Length of episodes : 30 minutes
Number of seasons : 2
Brodcaster : Télé-Québec
2017 - 2019

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Executive Producers Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune, Sylvie Desrochers, Jacquelin Bouchard
Producer Izabel Chevrier
Producer manager Carole Dufresne
Chief editor - Contents Mélissa Hébert
Chief editor - Economic Priscilla Franken
Directors Sébastien Hurtubise, Jean-François Fontaine, Jean-François Poisson, Marc Carbonneau
Tv Host Pierre-Yves McSween
Mini McSween Étienne Poliquin