Victor Lessard : Ghetto X

Victor distances himself from major crimes to clarify his father's past, a respected and influential journalist, murdered by a sniper. Upon Jacinthe's insistence, Victor accepts to share his thoughts about the scene of the crime. Was the journalist eliminated to prevent him from publishing a potentially compromising article? In an attack killing one man who had accepted to give information about Henri's past, Victor is taken as a target and injured by the journalist's murderers. He has to disappear to protect his own life and his loved ones. Jacinthe, his unwavering partner, eventually joins him on the quiet.

Number of episodes : 10
Length of episodes : 60 minutes
Broadcaster : Club illico
2019 - 2020


Executive producers Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune, Sylvie Desrochers, Jacquelin Bouchard
Producer Mario Clément
Associate producer Caroline Raymond
Line producer Martine Allard
Production manager Chantal Jourdenais
Director François Gingras
Authors Martin Michaud, Frédéric Ouellet, Martin Forget
Script editor Myrianne Pavlovic
Casting Patrice Robitaille, Julie Le Breton, Sarah Dagenais Hakim, Maxime Mailloux, Denis Trudel, Mylène Mackay, Luc Guérin, Guy Nadon, Danny Gilmore, Bruno Marcil, Marie-France Lambert, Mickaël Gouin
From the story of Ghetto X de Martin Michaud

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