Le rire de la mer

Pénélope Bouchard, from Chicoutimi Nord, is a sarcastic yet sensitive sociologist who one day learns that she has cancer. Refusing her destiny, this very perceptive woman decides to travel the world looking for happiness. During her travels, she writes stories where her sensitivity, humor, and viewpoint take shape. After her death, Alex puts together a show based on these stories that incorporate mythic figures from our social and cultural landscape.

Number of episodes: 1
Length of episodes: 75 minutes
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard¤Daniel Beauchesne
Producer André Dupuy
Production manager Marie-Ginette Landry
Author Pierre-Michel Tremblay
Director Claude Desrosiers
Cast Isabelle Vincent¤Pier Paquette ¤Marie Charlebois ¤Chrisitian Bégin¤Patrice Coquereau