Le monstre

At 18 years old, Sophie falls madly in love with a young man with mesmerizing charisma. As a result, nothing is more important to her than spending time with this lover who will turn out to be a relentless torturer. He will finally free her after an unequal and devastating battle of almost three years. Inspired by the successful book and real story of Ingrid Falaise, Le Monstre is the television adaptation of a distressing story, just as heartbreaking as it is captivating.

Number of episodes : 6
Lenght of episodes : 60 minutes
Broadcaster : ICI tou.tv and ICI Télé
2019 - 2019


Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Patrice Sauvé
Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Josée Castonguay
Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Janie Otis, Adriana Verbet
Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Martin Roy, Luc Sicard
Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Mehdi Meskar
Nomination Gémeaux 2019 - Rose-Marie Perreault


Executive Producers Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune, Sylvie Desrochers, Jacquelin Bouchard
Producer Mario Clément
Line producer Bruno Barrière
Director Patrice Sauvé
Author Chantal Cadieux
Inspired by history Ingrid Falaise
Script consultant Marie-Claude Trépanier
Casting Rose-Marie Perreault, Mehdi Meskar, Jean-François Pichette, Macha Limonchik, Eva Tanoni, Maude Demers-Rivard, Michel Laperrière, Marie-Thérèse Forti, Émile Schneider, Martine Francke, Jean-Pierre Bergeron