Karl & Max

Karl, Max and their friend Yvon’s lives change forever when they discover a bag with a gun and a load of money inside! Their decision to keep the entire $2.6 million propels them into a world they don’t belong in and places them face to face with organized criminals. Karl & Max is a story about friendship, love and the consequences of our actions. A “dramedy” about honesty and all the ways appearances can be deceiving.

Number of episodes: 10
Length of episodes: 60 minutes
Broadcaster: Club illico TVA
2015 - 2017


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers, Charles Lafortune, Nicola Merola
Producers Jacquelin Bouchard
Line producer Martha Fernandez
Original concept Charles Lafortune¤Claude Landry
Writers Claude Landry, Maxime Landry, Charles Lafortune
Director Patrice Sauvé