In the name of the law

In a frenzied race against time, In the Name of the Law follows Simon Pelletier’s quest for justice and his desperate efforts to escape the forces of order that are hot on his heels. Simon Pelletier was condemned to prison for life for a murder he claims not to have committed. After twelve years in prison, he exhausted all of his legal remedies and his financial resources. Helped by his girlfriend Céline, and ex-convict Scorpion, he escapes and will do anything to shake up the system and prove his innocence. But is Simon innocent? If he isn’t the killer, who is?

Number of episodes: 10
Length of episodes: 60 minutes
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada

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Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard ¤Sylvie Desrochers ¤Carole Dufour
Producer André Dupuy
Line producer Valérie Allard
Production manager Martha Fernandez
Authors Michelle Allen ¤Isabelle Poissant
Director Podz
Director of photography Bernard Couture
Sound Simon Poudrette ¤Robert Labrosse¤Mario Brillon
Artistic director Dominique Desrochers
Costumes Brigitte Desroches
Simon Pelletier Patrick Huard
Céline Desjardins Jacynthe René
Scorpion Louis Champagne
Nadine Théroêt Rosalie Julien
Raynald Jetté Nicolas Canuel
Marc Lavigne Réal Bossé
Robert Duranleau Benoît Gouin
Diane Piché Mélissa Flynn
Jean-Luc Therrien Denis Bernard
Judith Castonguay Marie Turgeon
Tomek Rudnicki Bobby Beshro
Daniel Bernier Jean Petitclerc
Julie Lavigne Évelyne Rompré
Liliane Lacroix Mélanie Pilo
Clara Rudnicki Danièle Panneton
François Perreault Jean Harvey
Lucielle Therrien Violette Chauveau
Maître Delorme Pierre Chagnon
Anne Beauchamp Sophie Bourgeois