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Restoration Garage

Eccentric entrepreneur David Grainger might like to fly planes, ride horses and race boats but his true love has led him to one career and there’s nothing blue-collar about it. At The Guild of Automotive Restorers, David Grainger and his team save the world’s rarest classic vehicles. From re-building a one-of-a-kind turn of the century French De Dion, to recreating the 2 million dollar Bugatti Aerolithe or by getting the turbo charged engine of a 1969 Ford Road Runner GTX roaring back to life, David’s crew of automobile mavericks turn rust into gold and deal with all the dents along the way. But it’s not just about the cars. Like most artists, these automobile specialists have mega-personalities. While David scours the planet’s most elite auctions so he and billionaire sidekick Larry Burns can bring back more four wheeled gems to fix-and-flip, shop manager Paul Taylor struggles to meet the demands of the most difficult clients and their shrinking schedules, which only fuels the drama on the shop floor.

Number of episodes: 10
Length of episodes: 60 minutes
Broadcaster: History Canada

2013 - 2014

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  • The team
  • Executive producers
    Jacquelin BouchardSylvie DesrochersCarole Dufour
  • ProducerNicola Merola
  • Head of Factual ContentEmmanuelle Wiecha
  • Content ProducerKelly O'Keefe
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