Shampoing, gloire et karaokÚ

Debbie Lynch-White is a passionate of karaoke. She spends her Friday nights singing her favorite songs under the envious look of quidams. Although our "singer" inflames the scene, it is not enough! She wants to share this sacred fire with her star friends and show them her undeniable talent. Debbie is ready for anything to bring them with her to karaoke ... Who will oppose the impressive Viking ?! The pilot episode of Shampoo, Glory and Karaoke invites us to enter the respondent of a bathroom where a typical evening of preparations is taking place for the evening for Debbie Lynch-White: the choice of the ideal singing partner , The choice of the perfect look, the rehearsals of the songs and many more surprises!

Length of episodes: 22 minutes
Broadcaster: VRAK


Executive producers Jacqueline Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers, Charles Lafortune, Nicola Merola
Producer Nadine Dufour
Director StÚphane Rocheleau
Author Coralie Laval
Host Debbie Lynch-White
Guest Travis Cormier, Virginie Fortin