Sébastien Delorme is one of the most promising actors of his generation. He’s been nominated for several prestigious theatre, film and television prizes, and highly acclaimed by critics and the public alike. Everything looked like a successful career was inevitable. But in recent years the parts dried up. Times are tough. He needs to rebrand. Sébastien has made that change and now works at a gym as a personal trainer for artists. He’s become a- COACH. AND YES, THIS IS GONNA HURT!

Number of episodes : 10
Length of episodes : 4 minutes

2014 - 2015


Executive Producers Jacquelin Bouchard¤Sylvie Desrochers¤Nicola Merola
Producer Nadine Dufour
Content Producer Véronique Jacob
Screenwriter Alexandre Goyette
Directors Stéphan Beaudoin¤Martin Thibault
L'Entraineur Sébastien Delorme
Clients Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge¤Julie Perreault¤Laurent Paquin¤Joey Scarpellino¤Sonia Vachon¤Didier Lucien¤Bianca Gervais¤Germain Houde¤Anne Casabonne¤René Richard Cyr

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