Destinées revolves around clinique Jouvence, a cosmetics and health clinic offering a variety of treatments ranging from massage to cosmetic surgery. This season, life, illness and even death will strike Jouvence. Roxanne, madly in love with Thomas, will risk it all to be with him. Juliette is feeling increasingly weak... On the other hand, Annette will mourn the love of her life. Will she be able to forgive Nelson for the fatal punch he gave to Normand? A reflection of our society, Destinées is a modern soap opera that features characters torn between their fantasies of perfection and the limits imposed by reality.

Number of episodes : 182
Length of episodes : 60 minutes
Broadcaster : TVA
2007 - 2014

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Gémeaux 2011 Best Actress: soap opera - Marie-Chantal Perron


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard¤Sylvie Desrochers¤Carole Dufour¤Philippe Lapointe
Producer André Dupuy
Line producer Joanne Dorion
Lead author Michelle Allen
Writers Michelle Allen¤Pierre-Louis Sanschagrin¤Marie-Hélène Dubé¤Manon Vallée
Directors Miryam Bouchard¤Paul Carrière¤Richard Lalumière
Bernard Morel Patrice Godin
Élizabeth Pellerin Isabelle Brouillette
Christian Juneau David Savard
Juliette Asselin Julie McClemens
Annette Léger Marie-Chantal Perron
Rachel Miljours Catherine Allard
Roxanne Miljours Sandrine Poirier-Allard
Alexis Provencher Pierre-Paul Alain
Félix Tanguay Dany Boudreault
Normand Fiset François Chénier
Solange Germain Sonia Vachon
Anaïs Langevin Marie Turgeon
Lucien Pronovost Jean L'Italien
Kim Leduc Mylène St-Sauveur
Maurice Morin Jeff Boudreault
Stéphane Simard Jean-François Beaupré
Camille Lambert Bianca Gervais
Gaétan Pellerin Denis Trudel
Estelle Morel Micheline Bernard
Jacques Simard Louis-Georges Girard
Jane Simard Isabelle Guérard
Martine Legault Évelyne Rompré
Fred Gauthier Frédéric Pierre
Louise Ferland Pascale Montpetit
Pauline Fiset Louise Portal
Nelson Laberge Louis Champagne

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