Aveux is the story of Carl Laplante, who, out of love, chose silence after a dramatic event that made him question his whole life. To survive, he waited until he was eighteen to leave his friends and family behind, cutting all contact. That was fifteen years ago. His name is now Simon. He invented a new past and met Brigitte with whom he has shared his life for the past eight years. At thirty-three, despite the deception, Simon appears to have found a certain form of peace, thanks to the strong ties he has created with his new friends, colleagues and in-laws, who adore him. Aveux starts when forced by chance, Simon Laplante must reconnect with all of the actors and the horror of his past.

Number of episodes : 12
Length of episodes : 60 minutes
Broadcaster : Radio-Canada

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Gémeaux 2010 Prix Jean-Besré - Serge Boucher, Claude Desrosiers, André Dupuy
Gémeaux 2010 Best editing: drama - Dominique Champagne
Gémeaux 2010 Best supporting role actress: drama - Marie-Ginette Guay
Gémeaux 2010 Best leading actor: dramatic - Guy Nadon
Gémeaux 2010 Best writing: drama series - Serge Boucher
Gémeaux 2010 Best director: drama series - Claude Desrosiers
Gémeaux 2010 Best drama series - Valérie Allard, Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers, Carole Dufour, André Dupuy, Philippe Lapointe
Rockie Award (Banff World Television Awards) 2010 Best fiction - Francophone - Aveux
Les Zapettes d’or 2010 "Le Grand Prix « Ça m'allume »" - Aveux
Festival de la fiction TV 2009 Best director - Claude Desrosiers


Executive producers Jacquelin Bouchard¤Sylvie Desrochers¤Carole Dufour¤Philippe Lapointe
Producer André Dupuy
Author Serge Boucher
Director Claude Desrosiers
Simon/Carl Laplante Maxime Denomée
Brigitte Girard-Laplante Catherine Proulx-Lemay
Pauline Laplante Danielle Proulx
Charles Laplante Guy Nadon
Jolianne Laplante Évelyne Brochu
Luc Desharnais Steve Laplante
Micheline Gagnon-Dubreuil Marie-Ginette Guay
Olivier Dubreuil Benoît McGinnis

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