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Whether as series or feature films, the documentary genre enabled Pixcom to consolidate its reputation in the international market. Whether you think of A Species' Odyssey (more than 35 million viewers), Sapiens, Metropolis, Trashopolis, Licence to Drill, and Insectia, distributed in more than one hundred and sixty countries, this sector has been incredibly successful. In the national market, productions such as Visite libre and Un tueur si proche have each appealed to their loyal audiences for more than seven seasons.
New episode of Licence to Drill Louisiana tonight at 9pm ET on Discovery Canada! #LicenceToDrill

Licence to drill
The high rollers are back…and this time they’re drilling for black gold in the frozen land of the Canadian North…

Brand new episode of Jacked tonight at 10pm ET on Discovery Canada ! #JackedTV

Episode 3 | #JackedTV
Tonight’s house owners, Tyler & Betsy, have a surprise for Jeremy and the crew at the end of the show… Stay tuned tonight at 10pm ET on @[150545558292410:274:Discovery Canada]! #JackedTV


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Timeline Photos
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