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  • Le 7e round DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Apparences : Site web DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Les Argonautes Mobile Application - Missions d'exploration

    As Commandant Maximilien’s Armada begins its mission to protect the Universe, the Argonautes call upon Earth’s children to join in, explore planets and find and gather the most out of this world samples! On this adventure, children will discover five astonishing planets filled with fun games, receive missions from the Armada as well as hints and guidance from a new friend, Ro-Koko the robot. Along their journey, children will also carry out the ultimate mission: receiving their very own planet to decorate with their unique gatherings… and adventurous imaginations.

  • Les Argonautes Mobile Application - À la rescousse de Saviva

    Les Argonautes are back in a brand new game! À la rescousse de Saviva offers a platform game with more than thirty levels scattered across three continents. The player must help the children rescue the planet Saviva. Rather than speed and agility, the player must use his logic skills to succeed.

  • Au nom de la loi DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Aveux DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Le Cercle Game

    Available in many stores.

  • Le Cercle : Site web Mobile Application

    Play Cercle express and become an expert on every subject! Literature, history, geography, science and nature, art and culture, or sports and leisure, nothing is beyond you? Then you’ll love this game. Available on iTunes

  • Code Max : Application Code Max

    Do you like Code Max on TV? Then you'll love the Code Max app which lets you play right along with the TV contestants! With the Code Max app you too get to be a Special Agent and go on a series of wild and wacky adventures. Anything goes when it comes to finding Max's hidden code and capturing the threat. And the more you win the more themes you get to unlock. Max's codes will give you access to a gallery of more than 50 games! You can also play in standalone mode by unlocking the games using the codes you'll find on the Code Max site after every episode. You'll face a multitude of monsters threatening the planet: bats, a zombie, a gumball, etc. In Code Max, you have to think fast, act fast, and play hard to prevent disaster! You could see your name on the scoreboard of the best players in one or more of the six exciting games: Tag Team, The Dance of Danger, Mayday, Hop to It!, Lost and Found, and Demolition Ball. Each game has 9 or 10 themes where you'll discover the disasters Max has created. And Max will even comment on your performance. So, are you ready to save the world and confront Max? Also available on Android

  • Dangerous Flights Mobile Application

    In the Dangerous Flights game, you will be asked to choose a mission and deliver an aircraft safely. Stay as far as possible away from bad weather and pay attention to your fuel gauge. You will also need to repair your plane before the time runs out. Remember, a good ferry pilot always delivers on time!

  • Homo Sapiens DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Insectia DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Kaboum Books

    Available in many bookstores.

  • Kaboum Books

    Activity Books. Available in many bookstores.

  • Kaboum Mobile Application

    An observation game where you have to catch a specific character as quickly as possible. Unfortunately though, the animations never stop moving and get all mixed up. You have to act quickly! Available on iTunes.

  • Kaboum DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Kampaï! À votre santé DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Kampaï! À votre santé Mobile Application

    With the Kampaï App, healthy eating is an accessible pleasure to everyone, anytime, everywhere! Available on iTunes.

  • Licence to Drill Mobile Application

    Hone your drilling skills as you experience Tunnel Runner! Play in Survival mode to drill the deepest wells, and rack up maximum points. Play in Exploration mode to master challenging terrains and tricky turns. Available on iTunes and Android Market.

  • Licence to Drill DVD

    Available on iTunes

  • La ligne brisée DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • L'odyssée de l'espèce / A Species' Odyssey DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Piché: entre ciel et terre DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Les pieds dans la marge DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

  • Pop Quiz Pop Quiz: The Game

    Don’t just WATCH Pop Quiz on television, BE a part of it! Become a contestant by playing from your mobile device and WIN prizes! Your celebrity challenge is just 3 steps away! Tune in to POP QUIZ on E! and grab your iDevice. As the game begins, click on the POP QUIZ app and play along! Every time a round of questions is completed on air, it’s YOUR turn to test your own pop culture knowledge with a follow up question on the POP QUIZ app! Answer questions correctly and YOU become eligible to win a prize every week! Each correct answer given, counts as an entry into the weekly contest for your chance to win $250! At the end of the season, you could win a grand prize of $2000!!! Not able to watch POP QUIZ on TV? Don’t worry about it! You can still get your pop culture fix by playing quizzes on the app without the televised counterpart. Take the quiz anywhere and challenge friends and family to see which pop culture junkie reigns supreme! Mobile game for iPod, iPhone and iPad

  • Vertige DVD

    Available in many bookstores and record stores.

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